Wednesday, August 5, 2009

More upgrading

I finally got my furling system installed today. It is much better then hauling up the sail on the forward stay in the jib hanks. Not only that, when not under sail it doesn't catch the wind and get in the way. I ran some fairleads back to the cleat so it would run smoothly and not hook up in any other rigging. I'll us it in this configuration for this season and see how it performs.
I have all the rigging checked and tightened, I so changed my centerboard haul-up so it would run smoother and not bottom out before it was all the way up. It's a single block tied to the main centerboard line, that a leader line runs through and through a double block then back to a cleat. It's a bit of weight to haul on it, but not too hard to cause any adult problems. it's only used occasionally anyhow. I left extra rope on nearly all the rigging until my sea trials are complete, then I 'll trim it all off. In case you may have noticed all the odd ends hanging all over the place.
A nice afternoon casually playing with the boat in my yard. I think I have all the minor things done so next is another day in the water trying things out. I'll only take one other person this time so I don't have all that weight/ballast aboard. I would really like to know how she performs running light and fast.

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