Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Tabernacle design

I have had a sailboat with a mast that went through the deck and a one that had a tabernacle/ mast step on the deck and I like the mast step/tabernacle better for single handed set up. It also lets me make a shorter mast. I looked at different stlyes on various boats and made my own to suit the Pathfinder. It only needs to be high enough for the mast to pivot, and strong enough not to pull apart with a side load or tear off the deck (highly unlikely)
This is what I came up with. The rod and plate is on the rear end. The rod is a bumper of sorts for when I drop the mast I don't damage it against the sharp edge of the tabernacle.
It is made from 3/16" stainless but thicker can be used or thicker aluminum.When it's complete i'll show a picture of it. If anyone chooses to use this, it's at their own peril :)

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