Thursday, July 2, 2009

Some small changes

I had intended to use a product called "Interdeck" it's a paint with grit in it to give a grip for foot traffic on decks etc. I opened the can and just dipped a stir stick and let it dry. it had the traction, but I checked it out and saw that it was going to be hard to clean the dirt off. I'm not a particularly clean person or neat freak but I hate a dirty boat. And the area that I planned to cover was going to be a large on to keep clean. So I looked for an alternative. I seen on a well known Navigator down south that the guy had grip strips on his deck and it looked ok. I decided to go the same route. This way I can control to some extent where people put their feet. I picked up some 3M safety strips 2" wide selve adhesive backed. Done. I know I won't slip on these areas and I still get to show off the nice paintjob, though bright. That bright white might need to be ivory next year, but thats next year.

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