Friday, July 24, 2009

pre launch details

More details.
Up early today with a small arts and crafts project. Gaff jaws needed leathers so I attached it with brass furniture nails. It worked nicely.
The rest of the day was spent rigging the almost 600ft of various sized rope into a gaffed rigged sloop. A great deal of knots, and re knotting. trying out something then adjusting and trying again. Luckily Weather was on our side. Overcast with absolutely no wind... a very uncommon thing around here.
This is one of my swagless turnbuckles up close. they work very nicely and all you need is small or nimble fingers to place the jaws properly.
My jib sheet is held by my cam cleats. The boom needed many fittings to accomidate my reefing system and my lazy jacks.
My plastic jib hanks were too small so I'll pick up some better ones tomorrow.
Later in the day we attempted to fit the centerboard in place. But it came apparent that the trailers cross beam wouldn't let us. What to do....
We strapped er down, and trucked er in over the road to our work shop and lifted it with the crane. That made things easier and much safer.
One long day, I think the centerboard fitting was more work than moving the boat from the house.
Time: 8 hr

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