Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Odds 'n' ends

I didn't forget I have blog duties to attend to. I got a little carried away with basement cleanup and getting the many parts installed on the boat. I also got to visit Maxwell Patten and pick up my Tiller and my name tag for the boat. No tiller shot until later... It's going to look pretty awsome on the finished rudder assembly. The horn cleats were all bolted on with adhesive.
The hatches were installed mostly by Travor who's as picky as me. Also bolted with 3M 5200 adhesive. Austin was helper getting all the nuts and bolts plus the drills etc.
Bit by bit parts get added.
Jam cleats and deck blocks installed. Motor mount, and gudgeon's mounted.
Bowsprit had all the hardware bolted in place before being installed on the front. Very nice.
The cable has to be attached to the bowsprit yet.
The mast tabernacle that I designed and finished in stainless steel. Deck rigging to each side for halyards.

All hatches installed. And floor drains from front floor to cockpit.
Main sheet block moun in place. The large hatches are 16"x18"
Time: 14 hours over several days

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  1. Nice... very nice indeed... I do have a question however and please advise me. The Mast mounting and the subsequent structure underneath... will that be enough support to hold the mast and the forces from the wind on the sails? I may be thinking too much into it...