Thursday, July 2, 2009

No, It's no flood

Nope, not a flood. Just steaming and soaking my gunwales for installation.
Both sets of upper and lower gunwales were steamed and bent for temporary installation on the hull. To make sure I had no issues with screwing them on, I used my stud finder to find the screws now well hidden under the layers of paint. I put painters tape on the hull so i could mark with a marker where the screws were. I spaced the gunwale screws accordingly. I only put screws in at double spacing until the wood dries out. Then I'll remove the gunwales for varnishing and permanent installation with 3M 5200 adhesive.

I had steamed the coaming top caps that I had routered a slot in the other day, but the installation failed horribly and I need to make another set in a different design. Next post I'll show what happened.

Time: 3 hr

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