Friday, July 24, 2009

Launch day/ sea trials ... Saturday July 25th 2009

It certainly seems that way.
A couple of tweaks and installations and the boat is ready to push off the trailer. The floating part we'll work on. Once in the water I have to test a few things before the test pilots jump in for a run. The Centerboard pivot pin area mostly needs attention for possible leaks. And check the running gear and shackles to make sure everything is tight.
Sun up I'll be getting prepared. the crew will be around not long after. My guess buy how long it has taken to get the other things ready, I should be ready to get her wet by noon.
No big ceremony, no fanfare. I thought about it and I just can't bring myself to "kick up a stink" over launching my boat. what can I say, I'm an introvert.

Til tomorrow.....

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