Monday, July 13, 2009


I find it hard to come to terms with the fact that I have no more major construction to do with the boat that I can think of. It's all varnish and paint now. Though it has drying times that I would rather be shorter. The count down is on for next Saturday for boat extraction. So what have I been at?...

The gunwales are on, plugs installed, sanded down flush with the sides. End trim pieces cut. Though I didn't like the chips on the ends after I decided I would leave them "Oh natural" So I cut a second set. I epoxied the trim pieces in place and to hold them I used my trusty air nailer with a short nail to hold it in place, I used a piece of softwood as a washer to keep the nail from going too deep. This was naturally removed once the glue kicked off. Care was taken not to have any epoxy come in contact with these washers for fear of them becoming a part of the trim.
I've been wondering how the boat might look with the wood trim on the ends....
Now I know. I have painters tape on to protect the paint from my sloppy varnishing.
I'll varnish it like the rest of the gunwales and if I decide I don't like it I'll paint it white. I have been at other things like sanding and varnishing the mast, Boom, Gaff as shown below, as well as the bowsprit, rudder blade and the transom. I'd show more but the location is to be kept secret for fear of death. My wife is out of town and I've set up "Site #2" as my varnishing station (wink & nod).
Each evening an additional coat is applied after sanding.
There is one item that has not been shown or discussed much, the tiller. Well Maxwell Patten Sr. is currently in the process of making my tiller of Ash and Mahogany of all things. I would have been content with a slab of most any hardwood or even laminated ply, but I know him and he's a stickler for detail. He's retired but builds all kinds of fine furniture and things in his spare time. I'd certainly classify him as a cabinet maker. He makes joints look perfect. Something I could never do. I dropped my rudder case off at his house a few days ago so he could test fit the tiller and though he claimed it was "rough" I would have been delighted to take it as it is and varnish it. I've paid him in bottled moose meat so far but I think I'll need something more significant for final payment on an item that will be likely the highlight of the boat. Maybe even draw attention away from the many flaws :)

Time: 16 hrs

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