Friday, July 3, 2009

Coaming Part deux

I picked up another piece of wood and cut my new coaming. I steamed/wetted it well before clamping it in place. I had barely enough clamps to put both of them in place. Once it's all dry and such I'll remove it and varnish the back side before gluing and screwing it back.
Time: 2 hr


  1. Hi Perry. As you've fitted a mast compression post I assume you're going for a tabernacle system on the foredeck for the mast. Is this correct? If so, I'd be interested in the design etc. We've just finished our first sailing trials in 'Idle Fiddler' and have concluded that a tabernacle and alterations to the sprit boom system are "must do" changes. Keep up the good work. Remember you said you'd be on the water in mid July, so you've only got 1 week!!!

  2. Hi Alan, I seen your update to your blog... What can I say, the boat looks fantastic! I have been a bit slack in blogging and commenting on your blog. tabernacle, I'll post up the sketch I made to make my tabernacle. launch... yeah... as noted in earlier post... some delays. but still July.