Friday, June 5, 2009


The title?... I'll get to that in a minute.
I missed an evening already by neglecting to pick up some thinner for the Primekote 2 part system. I picked up some additional quart kits of the same system for inventory. (extra)
I opened the gallon can part A and it just looked soo thick. I have painted many, MANY times with a 2 part system before and none ever looked this thick (you know i'm going down a nasty road already) I attempted to pour some out into a measuring cup and then added the hardener agent in the right amount. I stirred... and stirred... and stirred. It was like a pudding texture, not a way to describe and expensive 2 part epoxy primer. I thought perhaps the thinner being necessary had something to do with it so i added a small amount....
How can I word this to convey my emotion at that instant.... Horror.The pudding mixture almost instantly took on a .. bread dough texture and on top of that was not at all mixing with the thinner! no amount of stirring would change that. An I stirred, almost in a panic, willing it even to mix and miraculously turn back into paint... but alas... All I ended up with was a bowl of thinner with a blob of white clay in the middle... Frustration is at a all time high for this project. I put it aside and attribute this to old primer kit... what else could it be.
I luckily had picked up several quart kits of the same stuff and when I opened the quart can I had an idea I was on the right track. A little stir and it was like a thick house paint. I tossed the whole lot into a mixing tub and added the hardener. As I stirred it took on the nice consistency of a high quality primer... much better. Time to add some thinner for measure.
Again.... HORROR
I just witnessed my second batch turn into a lump of clay. So that's about $70 worth of paint I just turned into a blob. Frustration has now hit an unprecedented level not reached since Marine Atlantic "lost" my ferry booking on Christmas eve 1997. Or when I blew my engine on the 3 year old P.O.S Ford Escort in the middle of my family vacation 1999. What could I do in face of such carnage? I walked away... I walked out into my green house and began to water my tomatoes. My wife came by and asked knowingly what was wrong? I couldn't answer her, I had no answer yet. Once again the gods conspire to prevent me from painting my boat.

This is what the quart kit looked like before the thinner was added.

Time:... An eternity.

It's a first in this build to hit this "uncomfortable" level.


  1. Perry,

    Looking at the coat of epoxy (i'm assuming epoxy)from the pictures previous to this one... the "clear" coat looks really nice... a nature wood feel, much like your canoe... maybe the 'gods' are telling you to keep it that way :) I like the wood look to it... now if there is a reason for the paint... please tell... I have no clue when it comes to outfitting a boat...


  2. 1/ Paint protects the epoxy from UV rays.
    2/ It looks like crap not painted with all the patches of filler.
    3/ look in latest post.