Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Rub strips and Top planks

The boat is going to have a 3/8" Teflon rub strip running the length of the keel. I have the Teflon and this evening I match drilled the oversize holes to be filled with epoxy. (yes thats my reflection in the cured paint... Now thats a shine )These holes will have the screws set in them. The top plank is to be painted Sapphire blue and have a rub rail on the top and bottom of that plank. I taped off the lower edge to prevent the blue paint from going below the rub rail and onto the nice white I so carefully laid down.The blue being the same as the white is thin and goes on in the same way, in thin coats. I sanded and prepped this plank like the rest of the boat was done

3 coats should cover the white pretty well I think.

Time: 2 1/2 hr


  1. Are you going to 'wax' the hull? Just wondering, cause I remember my father getting me to wax the hull of the MacGregor one summer lol.

  2. I'm not sure yet. If there's time I will. and i mean IF.

  3. Looking great, Perry! I'm watching and watching because Sapphire Blue is the color I have floating around in my head to paint my Pathfinder someday ... at least as a trim. The Virginia heat may make such a dark color a bad idea if I use too much of it.

    What color are you doing the interior?

    That gloss is amazing.

    Lastly, I know teflon is super-slick. Is it hard and abrasion-resistant as well?


  4. Thanks Seth. Interior will be white as well. But topcoat is "Interdeck" which is a flat white with a grit in it. Yeah that brightsides paint is like a car finish. I just rolled it on.
    The teflon is to be exact Poly, or plastic. smooth, somewhat flexible, but slides on anything! yes abrasion resistant.