Monday, June 8, 2009

Paint week

Ah yes. Painting... Looking forward to the process, but hate the wait times.
I sand and paint, then have to wait a day before I can touch it for next coat. This week will consist of painting/sanding and repeating the process. Each looking like the previous mostly. It's just building up the thickness and durability. (I might switch to a foam roller for last coat to cut down on lint in my paint. With such a high gloss A flies footprint can be seen in it) The last coat is the top plank which will receive a couple of coats of sapphire blue. Then I'll take a couple of pictures of the hull. Rollover likely this coming weekend.


  1. Looks Awesome. You wont see the fly prints from '10 feet away' or when you are sailing in 25 knots :-). Keep up the great work

  2. Thanks Brian. Likely you won't see em at that distance but I'll know their there. I'll just have to set up a perimeter fence so nobody gets too close... :) for security reasons.