Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Pace yorself

I've been working a great deal of hours on the boat lately, and last night I hit one of those walls...
I was sanding away around 10:00 last night when all of a sudden I stopped, and shut the sander off. Not in frustration or anger, but in a realization that it's my boat, and it's supposed to be fun, like a hobby. I'll get this done, but I'll get it done at a pace that I'm happy with. If I push it too hard, too fast I'll burn out and not enjoy it, or worse get pissed off and walk away for a day or so. I'm also at a point in the build where "rushing it" will show in the final product so none of that please.
But it's looking good so far, unlike my yard which has overgrown with my lack of attention. I'll get to that this weekend... perhaps.

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