Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Saturday got a bunch of little things done. I first made a bowsprit from the maple My brother and father cut.
That didn't look so good with some flaws in it, so I made another one. That one also had some flaws in it. Mostly large knots and some indications of core rot. So I cut out another one from a previously disgarded piece of maple. It turned out prett good. I need to let it sit and finish curing a bit more before I router the edges and finish sanding.
I took the unfinished bowsprits and cut one up for the gaff jaws. it was a matter of making a template, finding a nice spot and then cutting it out with the jig saw. it was finished with router and sanding. I glued and screwed it to the gaff. it will get some additional shaping later.
The Centerboard got an additional layer of glass cloth, then some epoxy filler. I sanded it smooth and mounted the pin holder made from bronze ore locks. it was screwed and 3M adhesive glued in place. alignment was checked with a 1/2" bolt.
Time: 12 hrs (over 2 days)

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