Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Odds and ends

The centerboard needs to be hauled up via A pulley system, and the first point is at the centerboard case. That's where I made a haul up block mount. It's tilted to allow the line to go to the base of the compression post where the pulley system will be. The haul up mount is made of Maple from my stash cut near my home town. I spent some time making it look nice and drilled some pilot hole which I don't think I'll fill. (Stephen here's another area where the maple is being used)
The transom got a reinforcing pad for the motor mount. Little chance of the motor ripping loose from this. The cockpit got its' sanding and rounding off of the edge so as not to be sharp on the legs.
The forward floor edge also got rounded off just because I thought it looked cool.
Then the evening of sanding began.

Time: 3 hr

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