Friday, June 5, 2009

Mercers and my 2nd/3rd coat of primer

I had the first coat one and curing which was great considering the events of the previous evening. But I had a new problem. I had only one quart kit left in my stock and I knew I would use two. Plus more later on the deck. I called my paint supplier "Mercers Marine" in Clarenville. Scott is my contact, part owner of the store and a friend of my brother. I asked for a shipment of 5 more quart kits of primer. He commented on how much I was going through, and that was where I began my tale. Before I got a chance to finish He told me that the 5 kits replaces the gallon kit and the quart kit spoiled and there was no charge and it would be shipped the same day. That statement simply melted away the frustration of the previous evening. I couldn't thank him enough for his excellent service and I can't really. I started this blog a year ago and Mercers was one of my first links. Duckworks supplied sails and many other of my much needed things, but Mercers supplies me with my epoxy, paint, screws, deck hardware, hatches, and the list goes on. The staff have always been helpful and I speak of the others, not just Scott. I shop around, they have the best prices on the stuff I got. I'm nearly done with the items on my list but still more to go. Anchor, chain, GPS, fish finder and other "odds-n-sods"
So my Hats of to Mercers and Scott for making the painful event less so.

So with restock of primer I wasted no time. I sanded the hull carefully and gave er a 2nd/3rd coat last evening. The results were pretty good. My workmanship determines the looks not the paint. It's acceptable. The primer being a 2 part is fantastic. Hard, good leveling characteristics, and easy to sand (don't clog).
With several good coats of primer I'm ready to sand and paint the first coat tonight. No 2 part this time. Its a one part poly paint. Same brand meant to be applied on the primer I used. The primer is an interface between the paint and the epoxy coated hull.

Time: 4 hrs total

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