Sunday, June 14, 2009

A lot can happen over the weekend.

Where Was I? Ah yes, 4 coats of paint, and 3 coats of Blue on top plank, Then tape was pulled off. Saturday morning with the help of Travor we once again set up the slings and prepared for the roll over. Only this time with the outer hull painted we had to be much more careful. We attached carpet to the slings and taped wax paper to the hull. This would allow the boat to slip in the slings easier. Also it protects the fresh paint. Bit by bit the boat was rolled over to deck side.
Blocks of wood on the deck to protect the coaming.Rolled over 180 degrees, fresh paint, not a scratch. Travor Miller is now a certified Journeyman "Boat Roller" Thanks for the aid Trav, it couldn't have been done without you.
No, that is not the finished product you see here. I taped off the lower edge to keep me from rolling blue onto the precious white. Same with the rear. These edge areas will get some hardwood trim items.Sundays list of things checked off... Seat supports, both forward near the centercase and the cockpit seat edges, compression post assembled and installed, bowsprit mount holes located and drilled, fuel line hole through the transom. Gunnel's cut, lower rubstrips cut, coaming caps cut. Holes drilled through the deck for the bowsprit.Compression post is a laminate of 2 pieces of 5/8" ply, sandwiching a piece of 1/2". this is mostly for gaining the necessary thickness for the boom vang mount and centerboard haul up mount.
With all those parts cut and sanded, glued and installed, it leaves a big mess.... A REAL BIG MESS! I'd clean it all up but I am spending tomorrow at cutting more parts so it will be a waste of time to clean up now. tomorrow evening i'll clean up. (yep thats the centerboard down on the floor, it's safer there. (just it tipping over can cause bodily harm.. I know from experience)
Time: 10 hr (including painting, sanding and all this part work.

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