Monday, June 1, 2009


In the time I am waiting for the epoxy on the hull to fully cure for priming, I have taken out the centerboard, rudder and rudder case. The centerboard got A sanding and an additional layer of glass cloth. Once cured it will be sanded and given a layer of filler to smooth it all out.
The rudder blade was a little snug in the rudder case so i tapered the top edge a bit so it would be loose. I hung the rudder blade from the ceiling by a piece of twine that I had (the blade is not heavy) and was prepping to give it a coat of epoxy. I was in another room when I heard the small earthshaking *snap* and clunk..... I walk in to see the blade on the concrete floor. it landed bottom edge first then fell on its side. I inspected it to find a significant dent on its bottom... so much for epoxy coating today. Yeah, the twine snapped. Painful lesson learned. Time to just walk away from it for the day. (pictures to be posted after I go see the damage and curse again)

Time: 4 hr

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