Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Curve balls

It has been a bunch of days since my last post. with exception of the one I just put on.
With all the work going on Last weekend I made a massive mess. and before painting could begin, I needed to to a major clean up. Saturday evening I started it, My wife wanted to help so she came down and swept as I tossed wood out the door in a selection process between good scrap and "burn it" scrap. She went out the door with a box of sawdust and slipped on one of the boards. It seemed harmless enough a fall, bumping her knee, hardly a scratch. She sat for a few minutes to let the pain pass then like a trooper kept on cleaning up. I made her put some ice on it later that evening and everything seemed normal. then next morning however, Sh awoke with a knee the size of a elephants! and couldn't put any weight on it. I knew something was not right and I took her straight to the hospital. Long story short, after a long wait, we found out she has her knee cap broke in 3 places..... Oh shit.
Since then needless to say priorities have shifted to keeping her off her feet, and keeping the household running. Life has a way of throwing curve balls. The boat is not going anywhere, and i'm now in no great rush since she can't go out with me (at least for the time being)
I'll pick at it when I find time here and there.

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