Friday, June 5, 2009

All in a days work

Primer all cured. Sanded with 220 grit. cleaned with proper thinner. Time to get serious!
I cracked open my first can of Interlux "Brightsides" paint. It is the opposite of the primer... runny. I think you could spray it without a thinner. I am using a close nap 1/4" pile microfiber roller to apply this paint. the small roller makes to many tracks. this covers the plank in one pass. The paint also goes a long ways. I took about 1 hour to prep the boat. And about 2 hours to paint.

It'll do I guess.... :)

Time: 3 hours


  1. Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet...

    Show's the lines really well... and the hardship earlier... if you didn't have that... what story would you have to tell... and you would've neglected your Tomatoes... speaking of which... what colours are you painting the boat? You could call it the "Red Tomato" if it was mostly red :)

    And... if people asked why you called it that... well you have a story to tell :) Silly I know...

  2. Yeah my problem was solved in the same evening. But last night was the real first coat of paint that would show how it all came together. I think it looks ok. Can't neglect my tomatoes :)
    Actually I have to go out and water them now.
    I have picked out blue for top plank color and paint is in the shop ready. Saphire blue. I have to wait 16 hours before recoat. poopy