Wednesday, June 10, 2009

4th coat on

Before my 4th coat of paint, I had to install a new fan in my shop window. I had issues with fumes spreading to the rest of the house and the natives got irate. They must be obeyed! The fan I was using earlier was small and only lodged on the window sill. This was very inefficient and wind could blow in and push the fumes through the house too easily. I picked up a cheap yet safe fan that I quickly made a frame for and mounted against the window frame. It took about 20 minutes to rig up just before supper. An indication to how well it worked was when I started to smell supper down in the shop. Most Excellent! I applied my 4th and hopefully final coat to the hull After supper. I kept a close eye on the hull for a while after, checking for possible runs. I found a couple of sags here and there and touched them up with the roller. The next couple of evenings are for the top plank blue.
I'm thinking I might, just might use a high grit wet/dry sandpaper on the hull to clean up the dust specks and such. I remember using a 1200 or higher grit on my 15ft flying junior to do the same with great results. It felt like cloth it was so fine. I actually sanded my finger prints off a couple of fingers unknowingly. (temporary I know)
I'll leave that decision for later.
I'll post pictures when my wife lets me have the camera again, I'm apparently getting it dusty :)

Time: 3 hr

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