Tuesday, June 9, 2009

3rd coat on

I tried out the foam roller last night. Other than it soaking up extra paint due to its thickness, it works really well. It leaves no lint obviously and the bubbles from the rolling quickly break in the first 10 minutes or so. I'm very impressed with the properties of the "Interlux Brightsides" paint. It's runny but it enables it to flatten to a sprayed on look with no tipping. (Tipping is when you use a brush to crisscross over the rolled on paint to make the finish flat) But I must be very careful with how thick I apply it. It runs very easily.

Time: 6rs (2 coats sanded & applied)


  1. So, you're just gonna beach that thing wherever, when you are out? How's the sound of boat meeting rock going to feel to you?

    That's some sweet finish. You must be feeling real good at this stage, seeing the way it's all coming together.

  2. About the same as the first mate on the Titanic felt after they hit the ice berg... I'ts not my fault, it's not my fault, this could come back on me. :)
    I'm adding a 3/8" thick teflon running strip for beaching... as for the rocks, i'll just have to be careful.
    Yeah the pictures don't quite do it justice. it's a car shine finish for sure, which is bad in the sense that plywood is not metal.
    i'm stinkin up th place with the fumes though! I'm working on minimalizing that.