Monday, June 1, 2009

357 and useless data.

That's approximately how many hours I have been working on this craft. And now ready to start painting. More than I thought, but only a number. I'm not under contract to be inside a certain number of hours to build. I'm tracking out of curiosity. It averages to about 1.9 hours every single day (14 hours/week) since march 12 when I hit 200 hour mark. Before that it was an average of 1.1 hours per day. Just some interesting facts on this build that all. Logging time spent each time I blog lets me look at these things after the fact. At worst, I can't say that I have slacked off any :)
It could show people interested in building, that time spent on it don't diminish as the project progresses.

Out of curiosity, at minimum wage ($9/hr) I would have spent over $3200 in labor so far.

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