Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sometimes other things come up.

This evening, renown environmental activist, author, genetic scientist, (the list goes on) David Suzuki will be in town for a lecture on the state of our environment, and the lack of personal/government action. I'm not an activist my self, but I am acutely aware of the mess were making and we have the power to control it. I have A teenage daughter who I try to inform and expose her to the proper information and truth about things going on around her. Luckily she's very receptive to this and knows as much as I about the situation the world is in. My up bringing was much different and like many my age and older, were never told or shown that we have to clean up our mess. (not past our bedroom anyhow)
I was glad to hear how excited she was when I asked her if she wanted to go to the lecture. Perhaps there's one thing I've gotten right in this alien sport called parenting.

So a brief pause in the build to spend an evening with my daughter at something we'll both enjoy.
The boat can always wait.

Until tomorrow....

p.s. major peeve.... bottled water, how gullible is the human being? In the span of a decade the worlds cities water supplies are suddenly poisonous and we have to drink $$$ bottled water.... which is from the same source.... I cringe at the genius of marketing, perhaps the same folk who used to do it for Phillip Morris tobacco many eons ago.

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