Sunday, May 17, 2009

Skeg is on, time to prep the hull

Friday evening I final fitted the skeg. My friend Travor came by to help lift the rear of the boat so I could screw one the skeg from underneath. Thanks for the help Travor. The skeg was glued and screwed like everything else. All pre-drilled of course, the maple would only have it that way. After the glue had set I used a wood batten to see how much the rear skeg needed to be trimmed. I ran the planer over it and trimmed accordingly. I used the router with a 1/2" round over to finish it.

The rest of Saturday was spent sanding the hull in prep for epoxy filler in the high/low spots. Half of the hull got a treatment of epoxy mostly in the bottom clothed area.

Time: 8 hr

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