Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Planning and One year ago

Over the past couple of evenings I have been shaping and gluing the parts of maple together that will make the main skeg/keelson. Not technically difficult but messy and time consuming. Cutting wood from rough cut virgin maple, laminating the maple then planing down to a flat surface then cutting to a template I made from scrap plywood. The front keelson will taper forward of the centerboard to the stem at which point it will be virtually flush with the hull. In doing this I'll put the parts aside to concentrate on adding the epoxy fillets to the plank edges, screw holes, and general fairing of the taped seams etc. A layer of glass biaxel tape was added to the stem area for more abrasion resistance. It will allow for several days of curing before sanding, in that time I'll finish the skeg and glue/screw it in place. Then I can sand the hull immediately after.It has been a year since I started this blog and ordered the plans for the John Welsford "Pathfinder". I have kept pretty well on track since starting cutting and building last September, mostly due to a general building schedule I made that has kept me on track in using my valuable time efficiently. At worst I have a hull to put in the water now and a motor to push her.

Though it is May, here in Newfoundland some places have had some not so spring weather.... How's 25 cm (10 inches aprox.) of snow for spring weather? I'm not missing much excitement on the water yet, the boat fleets are not even in the marinas. So unless I sail with a full immersion Survival suit, its a no go for sailing, besides I might hit one of these.

Time: 8 hr (3 evenings)

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