Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Mast work

I spent nearly all Saturday shaping the 18ft mast from its many sided shape to the round I intended. A LOT of sanding. but at least that part is done now. It was done while I waited for the epoxy filler to cure once again. All the necessary holes got drilled through for the rigging. The bottom section got rounded off for the tabernacle mounting. But mount hole is yet to be drilled.A final sanding will be done just before I coat it in epoxy later. it was put back up in the rack for final work in a couple of weeks.
(it's shown up in the rack after I worked on it)

Time: 7 hr


  1. Do u have a link to building your mast.

  2. No I don't, I just got the posts from earlier on in the build showing how I did it. A birds mouth router bit is the key.