Saturday, May 9, 2009

hull covering

2 layers of biaxel tape were epoxied to the floor/first plank edge. Once cured I rough sanded it down and then washed off the blush.Some additional sanding was done of the hull in preparation of the glass cloth.
I laid out the glass cloth running off the center line and to the edge of the first plank to second plank intersection. Then trimmed off the excess.
I took a break and had a bit to eat before the mixing began. I mixed up batches of 15 oz and applied it quickly and spread out with a squeegee. In all I mixed and used 6 batches of epoxy.
I couldn't take any pictures during the event, I would have totally gummed up the camera, that would impress the wife.. :)

It don't look too bad. Once it's spent a day or so curing I'll sand the high spots and start fairing the whole area. In the mean time I am covering all the holes, and screws with filler and fairing the plank joints.

Time: 8 hr (during several days)

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