Saturday, May 30, 2009

The first step

With fairing, sanding and more fairing done, I applied 2 coats of epoxy to seal the plywood planks and give an extra layer of protection to the bottom.
The stem area has a nice even shape to it, the way I wanted it when I began shaping the forward area. When the paint goes on it will look clearer.With a warm room the epoxy cured nicely and has a high gloss look to it. It's almost a pity I have to sand and cover in primer. The pictures look OK, but it doesn't clearly show the smoothness of the finish. Well in most places anyway.

The first coat was applied around 6:30pm, the second around 11:30pm, I finished around 1 am this morning. A late night, but I got 2 layers chemically bonded in the process. If I had more time I would have applied a 3rd coat.

Now I must wait at least 3 days before I clean and lightly sand the hull for the first coat of primer. Some small touch ups inside the centercase to do. It will get a lot of wear so a extra bit will help.

Time: 3 hrs

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