Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Finally some hull work

Since the hull turning, I have been busy sanding and prepping the hull for epoxy fillers and glassing. The centerboard case got trimmed to be flush with the bottom of the hull. I used mostly the belt sander since it was nearly flush anyhow. The plank joints got a thorough sanding and scraping. I'm using a Bahco cabinet scraper I got from Duckworks. It works very well for taking off the bits and gobs of epoxy that the sander has a hard time with. The leading edge of the planks got a planing down each evening to make a nice even curve. Each evening I come back I see other small ... "defects'. I'm not sure how far I should go in trying to make this look perfect. I feel I may go too far some evening and mess something up royally. So I should quit while I'm ahead. The front area near the stem has been shaped to where the planks go flush with one another, but without a coating I can't tell how it looks exactly. The grain of the wood and such throw me off some. Perhaps when I get a coat of epoxy filler there I'll see how it looks more. The bottom/floor to first plank has been sanded to what seems to be a nice curve. A coat of epoxy filler was added in the seam that will be sanded flush when cured. Time: 6 hr

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