Friday, May 29, 2009

Final pre paint preperations

I spent last evening sanding the little touch ups, and fine grit sanding the hull. Once that was done I used the air hose to blow off the dust from the rafters above, and all other surfaces of the shop. A fan was put in the window to suck out some of the dust while I swept and vacuumed up the rest. The shop got a thorough cleaning and most everything not nailed down got removed. I want to keep the dust under control as much as possible. from here on in, the shop door will be closed to keep dust out, and the paint fumes in.
2 coats of clear epoxy will be applied tonight about 3-4 hours apart. Then it's a 3-4 day wait until I lightly sand and apply first coat of primer (as per the primer instructions). In that Time I will be out in the other part of the basement working on the centerboard finishing.

I have built this hull with all the reasonable time and skills I have to bring to bare. Whatever she looks like after the primer coat is on, is it! The frames determine shape (which I built as accurate as I reasonably could), my skill in making planks and installing them is what it is, so a redo would yield the same results. And my shaping of plank edges and such can only go so far. I hold my breath and begin the process of painting. Whatever results I get can/will be changed only a minuet amount. It's hard to really see the true shape with the bare wood with all its grain running here and there, epoxy patches and glassed bottom. But I have to remember that this is a home built wooden boat after all and each wooden boat has it's own... personality. It's not going to be perfect, but I can say I built it....

"Hey mister where you get that ugly ass boat?"
Response: "my basement"


The sun is shining, it's Friday, and I have a 17ft sailboat in my basement that about 85% complete = big shit eatin GRIN

Time: 2 hr

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