Thursday, May 21, 2009

Cape St. Mary's. A ecological reserve. A fascinating place when it is not shrouded in fog. Millions of birds call this home year round. It must be an impressive view from the sea below for certain.
Just one of many places to visit this summer.
Speaking of which, I'm getting closer to "guessing" my launch date, because in boat building and life, nothing is certain. The hull should be complete by late June with the rest of the time devoted to finishing the rigging, and other parts. Lots of little details that have a way of eating time. Especially varnishing and drying times. I'm figuring on the second week in July will be about the date i'll be set to sail. Just in time for summer vacation.
The mess I made yesterday is not uncommon in this build but I'm glad I have a very understanding wife who's putting up with this projects many side effects. My daughter Jasmine is old enough to understand what I'm doing and why i'm in the basement so much. A lesson in perseverance for her. I make a point of making time for her though, I only get one go at this and she's my only child. This evening there's no boat work, were going to see the new Star Trek movie and hang out at the book store after. Us time.
I was going to name the boat after Jasmine, but she was set against that. I instead asked her to find a name suitable for this boat and the family put it to a vote. In the end though I will choose from the best two. Some great names have come forward and I wish I could name the boat "Kuzcotopia" but there's not enough room on the transom for it.

A short list of potential names;
Jasmine (scratched from list)
Nasmine (scratched from list due to it being "lame" apparently)

Each has significance with me and or the family. The boats name won't be named until launch, A superstition I guess.

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  1. Some great names - Jasmine would be a great one in my mind, but we all know how the teenage mind works. Before you rule it out, maybe a little discussion around the significance of a vessel name. Borat may be another that Nadine may like, with all the memories that movie brings back..... maybe not. Keep picking!!

    Bilco out