Monday, April 6, 2009

The Outboard

Yes the day finally has come when I'll need the outboard motor. No not to use directly, but to help figure out where the motor bracket will go. I am using a parallelogram motor bracket for my motor. Its location is important so the motor is in the water enough while in use. Some people have little idea of how motor trim can affect greatly the performance of both the boat and motor. the depth of the blade and the angle is important. I'm no expert but I do recognize the importance of these factors.
I decided on a Honda 5hp 4 stroke longshaft outboard. I know the Honda's reputation for quality and have used them in the past. My family also uses them exclusively on the mussel farm. Very durable machines and very quiet and fuel efficient. I wanted enough horsepower to push me through a headsea if the need ever arose. A 2hp I think would be outmatched here. A 5hp also having an external fuel tank means that I have more capacity and no in use refuelings. (spillage on a rough day) I made accomidations at the rear of the boat for this 2 1/2 gallon tank.

The motor was picked up today and though new and exciting, was uncerimonously dumped in the trunk of my car. I brought it home and introduced it to the family, My daughter called it "Harvey".


  1. Ouch. I just went to the Honda web site to review the MSRP. I remember clearly when dad bought our 2-stroke 15hp Johnson, he paid $1750 (including taxes), though that was somewhere around 1987.

    At least you got a motor there you won't have to worry about.

  2. Indeed. Not cheap, but Both of us agreed if the boat is new so is everything else, no weak links.
    $2100 taxes in. Includes tank and hose yaah. That stung!

  3. When it comes to quality, a dependable, trustworthy object, money should be no object. If it gets you too and back from a trip, if it runs in an emergency when needed, then that 2100 simolians will be money well spent! You've spent alot of time, sweat and money already into the boat... so why make it look "less" with a not so good motor...

  4. true certainly. Be a shame to install a 2nd hand motor on a new boat. bad place to skimp on money.