Thursday, April 30, 2009

Oh to be able to sit

With all the epoxy done for rough work, the seats and floor panels can finally be installed.
I glued and screwed the floor joists in place, note the extra ones I added for my own piece of mind. Not much extra weight added.
The Areas for each panel got a liberal amount of glue before I laid each piece down.
One side then another was laid in place and screwed down tight.
And NO I did not forget to remove the hold down screws for the jig. I reminded myself enough of that small task.

This will be all for the topsides until the bottom of the hull is finished. It needs quite a bit of work on it yet, like the compression post, seat edges, filling, fairing, more epoxy and paint, as well at hardwood trim. Earlier this evening I also managed to Do mine and my wife's Taxes, and put up a new cloths line, a busy evening indeed.

This weekend I will be breaking the Building jig down, and rolling the hull over onto a new low jig in preparation for the hull work.

Time: 4 hr

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