Wednesday, April 8, 2009

musings on floor supports and epoxy coating

Working around the forward floor section yesterday, I noticed some flexing in the floor under my mass... (no comment) All the screws were not in place and not glued, still it seemed a little more than I would prefer. I might add a couple of small cross members to the joists running forward. They won't be heavy or particularly long (only about 10") but they will add some comfort to me jumping around up there. It beats changing the plywood thickness to 1/2".

On another point, for the next week at least, I'll be sanding, epoxy coating and applying epoxy fillets to the inside hull and bottom. So there won't be much interesting to show. It will be like the stringer affair 2 months ago, a lot of effort and not much visible to show.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Perry,
    Just love your work and commitment. I am working on my Navigator again having returned to the "main" house. I too had some concerns about my "mass" when I glued in the sternmost seat and then walked across it to get into the boat (100kg - 220 lbs) so its extra ribs/stringers or whatever we call them under the seats beside the centreboard case. Looks like we will have to feed John up?
    Looking forward to seeing you on the water