Tuesday, April 7, 2009

floor and seat top dry fit

Final dry fitting of the floor and seat areas takes a little time. there's a lot of holes to drill and hatches to locate and cut to shape. The forward floor got it's drain hole located and all the screw holes complete. I then moved my way back fitting as I went.
I wondered about the location of the large hatches and finally decided on close to the center case so I could walk by the sides while docking and beaching without stepping on them. their 16"x18" hatches... plenty of opening to put things below.

the rear section of the cockpit got my own special modifications. No motor well, but a fuel tank storage compartment and a side hatch for spare anchor and rope.It all will be removed tomorrow and then each piece sanded and given several coats of epoxy. The inside floor area of the boat will get epoxy fillets and several coats as well.

When the assembly is finally glued and screwed in place, the finish work on the whole thing can begin. the seat area gets doublers under the overhanging sections an the whole cockpit area gets a trim back to about 2" of overhang from the seat edge. Don't worry I'll certainly have pictures of what I mean. Looking at the tank now... I think I might just put a nice little lid on that compartment with a lock... Store that idea for another day.

Most of the evening was spent sitting in the boat doing all this. A nice productive work evening with coffee in hand and tunes churning out on my crappy speakers hooked to my Ipod.

Time: 3 hr

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