Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Epoxy - The never ending story

All epoxy fillets complete. Next Up, Epoxy coating the inside of the hull among other things.
Two coats of epoxy were applied to the port side of the boat. This was done so I wouldn't get stuck in it while applying the second coat with in a 4 hr time period. I get a chemical bond this way. All of the loose floor joists got 2 coats of epoxy as well. I sat on my cool stool and listened to some Pink Floyd on the Ipod while I slaved away. Pretty cozy if I do say so.All the loose seat/floor panels got 2 coats of epoxy 4 hours apart. Now all they need is to have the blush cleaned off, a lite sanding where they lay over joints and their ready for final installation later this week. The Centercase pin arrangement got glued/screwed in place using 3M 5200 adhesive to keep it all sealed up. I ran a 1/2" diameter pin through just to make sure it was still all lined up properly.
I also installed my brass hull drain tube. I epoxied the hole and let it cure just to seal the wood. I cut the pipe about 3/16" over length, then applied 3M 5200 adhesive to the outer tube. A ball peen hammer was used to furl the inside end against the inner hull. I kept it in place as I hammered with a piece of wood wedged against the wall and the back of the hull, There is a good thing in having little space after all. It worked out nicely. It certainly won't leak. This evening... more epoxy coating, only this time on the starboard side of the hull. I can sit on the port side to do this now that that side has fully cured.

The seats need to be in by the weekend, I have a large event planned. Rolling the hull. I have a group of buddies arranged to come over eat my food and help roll over the beast. Should be fun.

Time: 8 hr

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