Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Enough of epoxy fillets

Well at least 99% of it is complete. The areas below the floor and seats are done.

The mounting screws that hold the boat to the jig have been removed. But only the ones under the permanent flooring. I'll be coating the floor panels before installing them. that's next.
One last thing is to install the main brass drain tube before floor frames and the seats go in.
At the back of the boat I mounted a support beam for the rear deck edge. Just for when I inevitably jump aboard and step on that spot. I know it will happen.

Time: 3 hr


  1. Perry - Those are some beautiful fillets. Did you use popsicle sticks? A spoon? Your finger? It's a shame most won't be visible in the finished boat but you can always open a locker and peer in with a flashlight...

    Looks great!


  2. Yeah it's a shame few will be visible, Hard to keep going when you know that too, but it will keep water from pooling if/when it happens. I'll post a picture of my weapon of choice for the fillets.