Thursday, April 2, 2009

Combing work progresses

The port side Combing was dry fitted pre drilled and sanded in prep for gluing. In place I did a check on the front, back and sides to see how close I was matching with the other side in angle of the upper edge to deck. Close enough as far as I can tell. Both were cut the same and within 1/8" length ways on the boat so it can't be off by much, I can't notice and I'm being picky... or blind.
I mixed up a batch of epoxy glue and set to installing it before I changed my mind and started to fiddle with it and ruin it. I had a couple of small screws placed in the front to hold as the glue sets. They will be removed after.It looks pretty even to me. The light and shadow throws it off some but its not bad. The bottom of that notch in the front will be approximately the finished top edge. It's much higher than it appears in the picture.With that done fairly quickly I cut and fitted the forward deck edge that will interface with the combing. The back inside edge was scarfed along with the lower front edge of the combing. it matched up pretty good with some minor adjustments here and there. It was dry installed so I could make the matching piece tomorrow. Once glued in place with everything else, it will be trimmed on top and bottom. A productive evening.Time: 2 hrs

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