Saturday, April 4, 2009

combing finish, End of major construction

I Scarfed the forward edge of where the combing splits to go over the deck. This was also done with the deck edge. With some screws and epoxy glue, this part was completed. The rear combing to the transom was glued in place as well. All the trimming will be done once the glue is set.With all the epoxy glue cured I set about marking where I am to trim the combing on above and below the deck. The sail batten was put to good use once again. It being made of fiberglass makes for a very even predictable curve. It was clamped in place and a pencil line drawn for the cut line. I had a long hard look at it before I committed to cutting. I switched blades on my
jigsaw to a fine cut so I wouldn't splinter the plywood so much.The line once cut looked pretty smart. I like the front part and how it met the opposite side. Vary sharp indeed.
I took measurements every 2 ft and transferred the measurements to the opposite side for placing the batten. Clamped the batten in place and scribed another line. This side was cut to match. The inside was done in the same manor. At the front I left a bit more wood near the deck in case I change my mind and want a narrower forward section under the deck, I might be bumping my head reaching for stuff up there.

With the combing now installed, this now ends major construction on this Pathfinder. The small parts and flooring is next but the flooring is already cut and fitted. Up next... Mast supports, floor drains, floor supports, and cleat mounts. Once all that is done I can start final finish work on the inside hull which means lots of sanding and epoxy work before painting... I just said painting.... Wow.. I'm far enough along in this project to utter those words in the same sentence as next.

Time: 7 hrs

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