Thursday, April 2, 2009

Blocks cleats and cams

One of my last orders arrived today. My blocks cam cleats, jam cleats and deck blocks. A lot of stuff. I did a great deal of shopping around for the best price, unfortunately the poor Canadian dollar prevented me from getting my stuff from Duckworks this time. Shipping didn't help. I did find a place in Ontario and at the time of the order there was a late winter sale, so I got some good prices. All Harken and the blocks are carbon fiber light weight stuff. I was not intending on getting a particular brand, but these were actually the cheapest with the sale price. The biggest ticket item here is the fiddle block with cam which is my main sheet block set. I knew some things were small, but when held in your hand they look puny. If I need anything else it won't be much, an item or two. but I'm glad its here now, I'll be needing some of this for match drilling mount holes soon.

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