Friday, March 6, 2009

Third row planking complete

My father in-law was in town this week and he's been helping me with the planking. It's nice to have someone at the other end of the long planks.Over the past couple of evenings I proceeded to cut and fit the 3rd row of planking.
As the planking works up the side of the hull it gets easier to fit and install, the curve is not as pronounced, and being up off the floor is nice too.
The scarfs have been working out well and the clamping proceedure i've been using has ensured a compact plank section
My small wheeled stool is my get around cart with bottom tray that holds my measuring devices, screws, drill bits, and cordless drill. The process of marking, cutting and fitting the plank is the same as with the previous rows. As some of the pictures show, there is little room around the boat, but enough to get the planking on.
As i'm working on the planking I make notes to remind me to do certian things, the closest thing is the boat so I write on the planking. The planking is left rough and won't see any TLC until the inside is completed and turned over.
Time: 9 hr (3 evenings)


  1. Looks good, Perry. We all like to see the pictures. I expect we'll be seeing some good progress over the next couple weeks. Your attention to detail keeps the project running smoothly.

  2. Thanks Trent. Yeah the next couple of weeks "should" show the finishing of the planking, and the construction of the decking. I'm not installing the flooring/seating until after the decking. I don't want to be walking on it and making it dirty thus making it harder to clean up for epoxy and painting, not to mention the sawdust that will make its way through the hatch openings into areas I can no longer get at.