Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sticker shock

Though the boat looks very unfinished, it's mere weeks from the painting stage. This means that I have to get all the materials for the finish. Like cleats, chocks, hatches, paint and oh yeah more epoxy. Which is the point of the title... The epoxy resin per gallon went from $89 to $119 in the past 2 months! Thats $30 per gallon difference, and the glue powder went up by the same ratio. That was a painful purchase today. I won't get into the numbers, i'm still coming to grips with the price. Needless to say, it stung. I'm glad i never posted the running cost of this project, it's taking on an Olympic host budget that keeps changing daily. Of course I'm over budget. I just need to vent a little. My wife jokingly said when I gave her todays tally "Your not stopping now, its too late to stop" funny...
On the other side of this, Scott Mercer of Mercers Marine listened to my plea and cut me a deal on my large purchase, and even offered to ship it for free. So it wasen't so so bad.
Guys, gals.. if your planning to build a boat and you make a budget... prepare to have it shredded!

I have yet to pick up a motor, and a trailer... oh dear.

Time: 6 hrs
(Spent fretting over the price before I made the call to order almost $1700 worth of "stuff")


  1. There's a saying about projects, "Fast, Good or Cheap. Pick two." This saying use to hold true at one point, but no way of getting cheap these days! But as you said earlier, you're not building a boat to save money...

  2. Captain Pre-CapsizeMarch 29, 2009

    I built an eleven foot skiff because it just HAD to be cheaper to build one. I got all done and my wife was counting each dollar. She couldn't believe over the six months in the garage during the winter I was at the $2,500.00 mark. She was so relieved that at last I was done. Then I told her the sail was another $300.00. "WHAT?!!" I waited a week and then told her that the trailer was another $500.00. S-i-l-e-n-c-e....

  3. I hear ya, I have yet to by the motor and trailer. Little things quickly add up. And once you start, if you have a tight/no budget, it takes forever to build it because your waiting for cash to get that next item.