Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Stephen my maple supplier

Since I have begun this project there's been one person who regularly checks my blog and gives me a phone call almost daily on how things are progressing. My brother Stephen who's an avid boater and loves anything dealing with boats and the water, perhaps it's why he quit working in a Quarry operating heavy equipment and moved back to Newfoundland to help Dad with the mussel farm.
He even built himself a fine house overlooking the lake we grew up around. When I say he built it himself I don't mean he had a contractor build it for him. From cutting the logs to shingles and siding, he did it all. He and his missus Michelle keep their eyes on my parents who live just down over the hill.
He's on the left at the helm of the stiletto that our grandfather built.
Were both eager to get this Pathfinder in the water this summer.
He and my father were cutting firewood a couple of days ago and managed to snag another maple for me. I'll head out there soon to pick it up for sawing. that will likely be for the skeg, the left overs I have now will be for cleat support blocks.
Stephen informed me that he was planning on buying an RV in the spring, it's official now. He's picking it up in April. I asked him jokingly if it had a trailer hitch, "yes" he said "and one on the front too". How good is that! Hopefully, with some bribery and begging I might be able to convince him to go on a road trip with boat in tow to some place like L'Ance aux Meadows on the northern Peninsula. The site of a viking settlement some 1000 years ago, 500 years before Columbus "discovered" America.

Thanks for your interest Stephen. And thanks for the maple!

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