Saturday, March 14, 2009

Planking complete!

That's it! All planking is now complete. I finished installing the planking last evening bringing an end to the planking saga. It went better than I had hoped and encountered no major issues, I did make one repairable mistake in one ship lap, but nothing that epoxy couldn't handle. As the planking progresses I got a bit faster and of course the plaking easier with less curve in the boat.
Cleanup of planking will be done when the boat is flipped over.

Even with no work done on the planking for finish, the curve looks fair to my eye.
My longtime friend Travor came by early this morning with coffee to celebrate. How good is that! He helped a great deal with clean up as we chatted about the trips were going to take to different places and if there will be any fish. But today was a lazy day of cleaning up the massive amount of sawdust I generated in the process and general clean up of the basement. The pile of scrap plywood was just a big mess. Thats now firewood.

More friends are dropping by to mark the occasion so i'm putting on the BBQ and throwing on some slain meat. March... yeah I don't care, and of course today is -26 C with the windchill.

Time to relax and admire the work.... and try not to trip on the big globs of hardened epoxy on the floor.

Time: 2 hr (last evening final plank)


  1. Hey Perry
    Great progress with the boat. I am envious as things have slowed down for me with my build as I am am spending a lot of time on the centreboard and case which although enjoyable and rewarding seems to take a lot longer than expected. Enjoy the spring weather!


  2. Thanks Richard. The centerboard is a lot of work gluing but the shaping and final result is worth the effort.