Sunday, March 22, 2009

Decking start

Its been a few evenings picking at how i am to lay out my forward deck area. I would like to have a rounded deck section that blends into the seat backs/combing. I could have went with a deck that cut perpendicular to the center line like many other pathfinders, but in this case I want to be different. It's shown in the plan to be curved. I would save time by going straight across, but... I'm doing it this way. Oh.. by the way, The plan called for 6mm (1/4") for the decking, but being gifted with "mass" I'm using 10mm (3/8") thick decking. I already tested to make sure my ply would bend over such a tight radius. Compared to the lower hull this is nothing. As long as you ease the ply down over the frames, there's no problems.
There's not much work to the deck in difficulty. I cut the king plank, cut the notch at the front where it meets the stem, and left it over length for trimming later. It was test fitted and marked for the curve in the deck from side to side. I screwed it in place temporarily so i could make my measurements for the decking.
I cut it well over size to be trimmed after fitting. The same was done with the side decking all the ways back. As I worked my way back I put in a few screws to hole the forward piece. the end cuts are the final cuts/joins. Once it was all fitting, the opposite side was cut and fitted.
In the meantime I sanded and installed the deck support blocks and mounting strip that would be a backing block for both the combing and the deck top. In the plan it called for a 9mm ply backer, but since I had the long wood on hand I installed that.

Time: 8 hr (several evenings)

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