Saturday, March 28, 2009

Decking complete

It took a little longer to complete the decking than I planned but its done now. I had to do some work with the front bulkhead in prep for paint and I didn't want to crawl in under the finished deck to work on it. The inside of the anchor well also needed some finishing, because once the deck is on, all you'll get inside there is your anchor and a pair of hands.
Once all the pieces were cut and temporarily fitted in place, I ran over the edges with my router and a flush bit

With all the router work done, it was just a matter of epoxy gluing, and a lot of screws.

The hole for the anchor well access was cut and sanded.All these deck panels were given 2 coats of epoxy on the underside before installation. they also had the blush washed off and the areas that were to be glued were sanded. It will save me work at the end.

While the glue is setting I'm having a nice meal of fried moose with spices, garlic and onion. On fresh bread of course. a treat for some late nights this week. The 2 coat epoxy was done on a week night. The first coat at 6pm, the second coat was at midnight. Then up for work at 6am... A bit sluggish after that. But Being the trooper she is, my wife Nadine stayed up with me for the second coat. We talked as I applied the epoxy. I couldn't ask for more.

Time: 10 hr (several evenings)


  1. One of the finest jobs I've seen done on any home built boat - and more than a few professionally built boats too. Well done!


  2. Are we both looking at the same site? :)
    It looks fine from 5ft away, but....
    Your too kind Mike.