Monday, March 30, 2009

Combing supports, and cutting scarfs

The forward section under the deck needs some additional support, So I added some 3/8" (10mm) stiffeners. I cut them across the grain so they would bend to the curve of the deck easily. Sure enough they clamped in place nicely.
By tomorrow evening this will be all cured and I can continue with the lower section of the combing as a frame around the deck edge. I took the additional time this evening to cut the opposite side combing and back section. not much to look at. pretty rough cutting, both top and bottom edges will be trimmed back considerably. Though I did scarf the back edge of the main combing for the matching of the rear section. Gee I almost forgot about that. It took only a couple of minutes and the slope is only 1/6. Cutting scarfs are easy and I like the results I've gotten from the ones i've done.
Time: 2.5 hr

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