Monday, March 9, 2009

beveling and dust

The front anchor storage area needed two coats of epoxy before I gave it a protective coating.
This evening I applied the first coat of epoxy, but with so much else to do I couldn't just stand around and wait for the epoxy to set. I covered the front area in some scrap paper (to keep out the grinder/sander dust) and proceeded to cut my ship laps at the stem and bevel the upper edge of the 3rd plank.
This will accept the bottm edge of the 4th and final plank. Care was taken to make a clean line the whole length (on both sides) and a flat face for the plank.

Both front planks for the 4th row was also given a scarfed edge before I place it on the hull for the next plank in the line.

Time: 2 hr

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