Sunday, February 8, 2009

stringers complete... finally

That was a mess I'm glad to be done with. The grinder works fast and with care works well... but man it makes a mess in the shop. I cleaned up probably a 5 gallon bucket of packed wood dust.
But now at least that part of the project is finished.
Other builders have encountered small issues with their frame slots being cut too deep. I tried to avoid that issue by cutting them shallow and where the leading edge of the frame should be is where the outer center point of the batten/stringer would be. So when planed to match the frame profile the edge would be at the center of the stringer as shown in the picture.

Fair curve has been achieved as far as my eye can see. I keep checking to be sure of myself.

As mentioned, the bottom stringer (attached to floor) needed a great deal of work.The stem section is looking pretty good. I will reattach the braces to the ceiling until the planking is complete up to them. Just to make sure the stem remains plumb and true.

Just some planer and sander touch up and this part is done. I went to a local lumber yard and picked up my 3/8" plywood an I'm preparing for next part. I might use it for the flooring and seating areas inside the hull.

I went looking for a pair of dividers in the city... an none to be found. I went to order a pair and they were out of the size I wanted... Now that's frustrating. But another try at same place, Thy did have a set that was bigger than I needed, no matter, I'm desperate. It will be another week before there here. Hence me starting the inside flooring areas. What are the dividers for? Oh I can't say until I get them and properly show how they work in making patterns for planking. Don't worry... it's not my idea.

I also have a 18th century idea I will be using in making patterns for my floor and seating area, but that's in next posts.

Time: 4 hrs "PHEW"


  1. I envy you Perry. You are building a boat and covered in sawdust while I'm plastering my basement. Guess who is having more fun.

    All the best
    Jim W

  2. Been there done that, infact I may have a repetative motion injury from the sanding effort. At least your effort increases the value of your home.